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What is Advanced Nutrients Sensizym? 

Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is an enzyme formula that breaks down dead root material, turning it into nutrients for plants. It helps with nutrient absorption, clears the root zone of unwanted debris, and promotes plant health.

How does Sensizym work? Enzymes for plants

Sensizym works by introducing specific enzymes to the plant's root zone. These enzymes break down dead roots and other organic matter, converting them into nutrients the plants can use. This process not only provides additional nutrition but also helps to keep the root environment clean and free from potential harmful build-ups, ensuring better nutrient uptake and healthier plants.

Why would I use Sensizym?

Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is a concentrated enzyme formula that breaks down dead root matter, turning it into energy for plants. It's suitable for any system or grow medium and is especially useful for reusing grow mediums. As part of the "pH perfect" range, it auto-adjusts pH levels, making growing simpler.

Sensizym feeding schedule:

Throughout the growth and flowering stages, Sensizym should be dosed at 2 ml per 1 liter of water. This dosage should be maintained up until a week before harvest to ensure the best results and optimal plant health.

Sensizym NPK ratio:

Sensizym has an NPK ratio of 0-0-0, indicating that it doesn't provide any nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. Instead, its primary role is enzyme activity and promoting the breakdown of organic matter in the grow medium.

Sensizym helps with reuseing coconut coir

Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is specially formulated to be beneficial when reusing coconut coir as a grow medium. This concentrated enzyme formula breaks down dead root matter in the coir, turning it into useful energy for the plants. By doing so, it rejuvenates the coconut coir, making it more effective for subsequent grows and ensuring optimal plant health.