Mineral wool cubes

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Mineral wool cubes are perfect for seed germination, rooting cuttings and as a substrate with the use of ceramic granules in some hydro and aeroponic systems. Grodan is the basis of the controlled cultivation of healthy plants. Thanks to the optimal arrangement of the pores, an even supply of water and food takes place over the entire volume of the cube. This makes it possible to regulate the moisture of the growing medium, as well as control fertilization and the pH value, which supports the growth of the plants.

Advantages of using Mineral wool cubes

Mineral wool provides ideal air and water conditions for the roots. The even, vertical structure of the cubes for cultivation ensures the same conditions for the roots, which results in regular distribution of the roots throughout the cubes. The result is a well-developed root system that affects the health of the plant. The smaller cubes available in our offer are ideal for germination and rooting. The small holes allow the seed to be placed securely.

Easy use of Mineral wool cubes

Each of the Grodan growing cubes has the same density, flexibility and stiffness. This ensures even distribution of water and nutrients, as well as a constant pH level. Maintaining these parameters results in a uniform and high quality of cultivation.

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