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Dutchpro Nutrients have more than 35+ years of experience in the hydroponics industry. Since then, they have been growing all over the world. The company's main goal has been to make simple and effective nutrients that will increase yield and density while lowering user’s nutrient costs. Currently, Dutchpro is one of the fastest-growing nutrients companies due to their simple and effective line of nutrients.

Dutchpro sets itself apart by being the only nutrient company based on Liebig's Law of the Minimum. “Plants need 17 Necessary elements to grow and bloom. The balance of those 17 elements determines the growth potential. The growth of a plant is dictated not by total resources available, but by the scarcest”- Justus von Liebig.

Simple yet effective formula of Dutchpro Nutrients

Dutchpro’s formula is designed to streamline your growing process. It only requires using 4 bottles of nutrients at a time. Your bottle usage goes down by providing you with high concentrates and not skipping on the essentials! Dutchpro Nutrients make growing easy.

Pay less for high quality products with Dutchpro Nutrients

Dutchpro nutrients provide the highest concentrate possible to allow you to pay less for more nutrients. By following Liebig's Law of the Minimum, it ensures balanced plant health. With Dutchpro Nutrients, plants increase their nutrient absorption to become healthier/more energetic and disease-fighting. By not using heavy metals or PGRs, it ensures a clean and food-grade approved product. High quality doesn't mean more money.

Experience an increase in yields with Dutchpro Nutrients

Many users will experience an increase in their yield after switching over to Dutchpro. They have created their recipe to help you achieve heavier, denser, and bigger fruits than ever before. Dutchpro’s products do this by providing your plants with more energy and sugars to create more terpenes and better results.

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