Sets based on 25l pots XL

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Automated AutoPot irrigation system - 25l pots

A fully automated irrigation system is certainly a solution that gives you a lot of freedom and convenience when growing plants. This passion is associated with regular care for plants, which can sometimes be a limitation when, for example, we want to leave for a few days outside the city. We have prepared an offer of the highest quality sets of 25l pots that work with the AutoPot system. This solution will benefit not only the enthusiasts of growing plants and traveling, but also those who deal with cultivation as a commercial. The main advantage of this system is work based on the pressure force of gravity - so it does not need to be connected to electricity. The solution is easy to assemble and it is possible to expand the system. Activities related to the operation of AutoPot consist only in topping up the tank with a special plant medium. In our store we supply products that meet only the highest standards in the area of ​​plant irrigation.