Spider Farmer LED grow lights

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Spider Farmer - quality LED lighting for your growbox

Spider Farmer is a famous Chinese brand of LED lighting for growing plants, founded in 2015. These no-noise panels, created on SMD chips, have become bestsellers all over the world. The SF series is based on a thick aluminum plate which does not emit much heat; the lamps also have high-quality cable covers. The performance with the SF1000 model is 2.5umol / J and with the SF2000 model it is as much as 2.7umol/J! All of the lamps come with the adjustable hanging kit.

Spider Farmer SF1000

The Spider Farmer SF1000 stands out as an ideal choice for growers looking for a potent yet compact lighting solution. This model utilizes top-tier Samsung LM301B diodes, ensuring deep light penetration and optimal full-spectrum coverage. With its energy efficiency and a footprint that's perfect for smaller grow tents or spaces, the SF1000 proves that size isn't always indicative of strength. Its dimmable feature further allows growers to customize lighting according to the plant's lifecycle, ensuring that young seedlings to full-grown plants receive the right amount of light.

Spider Farmer SF2000

 Building on the reputation of the SF1000, the Spider Farmer SF2000 is designed for those in need of more coverage. Boasting the same high-quality Samsung LM301B diodes, the SF2000 covers a larger grow space while maintaining the brand's commitment to energy efficiency and light spectrum quality. Its sturdy design, combined with advanced heat dissipation technology, ensures longevity and consistent performance. Perfect for medium-sized tents or multiple plant setups, the SF2000 guarantees that every inch of your canopy gets the light it deserves.

Spider Farmer cloning lights: SF300 & SF600

For those dedicated to plant propagation, Spider Farmer presents the SF300 and SF600 models, designed specifically for cloning. These lights provide the delicate balance of spectrum needed for young clones, ensuring they root quickly and effectively. Whether you're dealing with a few cuttings or managing a larger propagation project, the SF300 and SF600 offer the precise light intensity and coverage for optimal results. Trust in Spider Farmer to give your clones the best start in life.