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Accessories for automatic irrigation systems
AutoPot is a system that uses automation in irrigation of plants. The producer is the leader in the UK in such solutions, which proves the high quality of technology provided by him. The use of AutoPot increases the comfort and convenience of growing plants, because with it we do not have to worry about watering plants every day. It is extremely easy to install, and even an adept of the art of growing plants will manage it. In our store there are many sets of pots of various capacities that can be customized. In addition, the solution is extremely scalable - in the case of increasing crops, there are no problems with the development of the system. In this section there are accessories included in the AutoPot sets. Made from the highest quality materials ensure an extremely long life and stability. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of all enthusiasts of crops both at home and in the garden or greenhouse - the AutoPot solution can be used in any of these places!