Canna Cure

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CANNACURE is CANNA's first pest and disease controller developed by CANNA Research Laboratoruim. Unlike other plant protection products, it is also a leaf nutrient. It guarantees healthier plants that can focus on producing large flowers and higher yields. When sprayed, CANNACURE creates a natural "second skin" on the plants. This layer improves the leaf color and vigor as well as enhances the photosynthesis process. This makes them healthy, shiny and clean, allowing for optimal photosynthesis. This gives plants a chance to focus on fruitful flowering.

CANNACURE- more than just a conditioner

An additional advantage of Cannacure is pest deterrence. Therefore, it is important that the leaves are sprayed on both the top and the underside. The use of CANNACURE preventively, once a week, ensures that pests do not come into contact with the leaves. If you have severely infested plants such as whitefly, mites, bugs or aphids, use CANNACURE to eradicate them. Multiple spraying every 3 days is enough to solve the problem of pest protection. CANNACURE can be used from the beginning of development to harvest and can be used for both edible and ornamental plants. This way, you will avoid the development of pests immediately before the harvest.

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