Temperature & humidity meters

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What is the weather station used for:

A weather station is a device that collects up to date information about the current weather conditions. Indoor and outdoor temperature, air humidity (hygrometer), air pressure (barometer), wind speed, lighting intensity, CO2 concentration - these and other parameters can be read on the weather station’s display. Useful both in the widely understood garden or when You want to know the temperature outside, e.g. without opening the window. In this case, stations equipped with additional external sensors will be perfect. However, if we only want to measure in one specific place, the weather station itself is enough.

Weather station for garden / growbox:

If You want to know the current weather conditions in the garden or greenhouse without the need to be there, it will be a good idea to buy a weather station equipped with a wired or wireless sensor. The choice of the type of sensor depends on the budget and the distance of the measurement site from the weather station. To measure the conditions in Your growbox, all You need is a weather station equipped with internal sensors (located in the device), which each weather station available in our store has. In practice, buying a weather station with an external sensor for Your growbox is also a good idea. This solution will allow us to open it less frequently, which will translate into less frequent disturbance of the peace of our plants.

The weather station is necessary for the proper monitoring of the conditions currently occurring in the growbox. Too humid air promotes the growth of mold, and too high or low temperature can disrupt the growth of our plants. Thanks to the weather station, we can react and help our plants in time.

Which weather station to choose?

In our store You will find a large selection of weather stations. The offer of our store consists of both good-quality simple weather stations and specialized weather stations that allow You to additionally monitor, for example, the level of CO2 concentration.

The 2measure company is a manufacturer of various types of measurement stations, and the weather stations offered by the manufacturer are characterized by high reading accuracy. An investment in weather stations is a long-term purchase that will greatly facilitate Your work with plants.