Heating mats & Thermostats

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Plant heating mat

A heating mat is a flat, electrically-powered device designed to provide consistent warmth from below. It's especially valuable in plant cultivation, ensuring that seeds and young plants get the gentle warmth they need for optimal growth.

Heating mats for seeding & cloning

During cloning or propagation, maintaining the right temperature is crucial. A heating mat offers that consistent warmth, ensuring faster germination and successful root development, giving young plants a healthy start.

Heat mat from best manufacturers 

We offer a diverse range of heating mats tailored to fit every gardener's needs. Whether you're looking for mats with integrated thermostats for precise temperature control or simpler versions without, we've got you covered. With various sizes and power capacities in our collection, you can be sure to find a heating solution that meets your specific requirements, ensuring optimal growth conditions for your plants.

Heat mat thermostats

For precision in temperature control, we offer thermostats specifically designed for our heating mats, allowing you to set and maintain the perfect warmth for your plants.