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TOP CROP, the Spanish fertilizer brand able of guaranteeing glorious results for your crops!

TopCrop fertilizers are a product line that guarantees you satisfaction with the wonderful results of your cultivation. Plants grown with Top Crop fertilizers are characterized by lush flowers, health, great taste and aroma. Due to the ease of use and affordable price, they are perfect for a person with extensive experience as well as for an amateur. The offer of Top Crop fertilizers includes products with an organic-mineral and 100% organic composition, which are necessary to provide your plants with the nutritional values ​​they need at a given stage of their development.

What to use Top Crop concentrated liquid fertilizers for?

Top Crop liquid fertilizers can be used from the beginning of plant vegetation until the end of the flowering phase. By using them, we will definitely improve the end result of the cultivation. Using these fertilizers, our plants will develop a strong root system faster, which in combination with well-fertilized soil, rich in nutrients and microelements will give us rapid plant growth. In addition, Top Crop fertilizers increase plant resistance to external factors and accelerate cell division. Faster division increases the vegetative mass of plants, the root system, increases the amount of chlorophyll, which facilitates plants photosynthesis.

What to use solid Top Crop fertilizers for?

Top Crop solid fertilizers are the perfect addition to any crop. They are available in the form of tablets that release micronutrients and a substance necessary for plants to thrive with each watering. Thanks to the way it works, one tablet is enough for about 3-4 liters of soil. The second form of Top Crop solid fertilizers are powders, which are 100% natural products consisting of various strains of mushrooms, natural bat guano or finely ground volcanic rocks of the island of Java. Products based on fungal strains support the microorganisms living in the soil, which translates into an increase in the amount of nutrients contained in it and strengthening the root system of plants. Top Crop fertilizers based on guano are 100% natural products obtained from caves where bats live peacefully away from people. Thanks to a diet rich in fruit and insects, their droppings have a significant impact on the development of plants. Using guano increases the plant's growth and flowering abundance, while increasing its resistance to external factors. Top Vulcan is a powdered volcanic rock from the island of Java, which is rich in elements necessary for plants. Thanks to its origin, it is free from harmful chemicals and slightly lowers the pH level due to its low acidity.

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