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Each seedling should find its way to a container that is exactly suitable for its cultivation.We offer flower pots of various shapes and sizes for growing plants. Thanks to this, you can easily find a product ideally suited to your requirements and individual needs. If you are not sure which solution will be the most suitable for your plant, you can contact us and get expert advice. None of your questions will be left unanswered.Our offer also includes cultivation trays, material pots, aero / hydroponics baskets, square pots and stands that match the pots we offer. Our offer also includes Air-Pots Super Roots products, which are characterized by profiled, porous walls. Thanks to this, the plant gains the conditions for maximum root growth. Find out more about our offer!

Different types of pots available in our store:

  • Plastic production pots
  • Saucers 
  • Foil pots
  • Fabric pots
  • Biodegradable pots
  • Air-pots & Hercules
  • Other: LENI