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Jiffy Company: peat-based products

Jiffy is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of peat-based products. Over the years, they have established a reputation for high-quality peat and innovative peat-based solutions for plant growers.

Peat pellet from Jiffy

Jiffy Pellets are compact peat discs that expand upon contact with water, creating an ideal medium for seed germination and rooting cuttings. They are biodegradable and retain moisture effectively, facilitating growth for young plants.

Jiffy peat pots

Jiffy Pots are biodegradable pots made of peat, allowing for seamless transplanting of plants without disturbing their root system. They provide a natural environment for plants and negate the need for plastic pots.

Why use Jiffy Pellet?

Jiffy Pellets offer growers a straightforward and efficient way for seed germination. With excellent moisture retention and biodegradable structure, they provide optimum conditions for swift growth of young plants without the need for transplanting.