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What does a timer do?

Timer allows you to automatically turn on and off the devices to which it is connected. By using a timer, we can ensure that the cycle of for example that the plant lighting is regular and undisturbed. Various types of programmers will relieve us of the tedious, manual performing of certain activities in the garden. The timer is one of the first steps to automate our cultivation. The basis of a modern place of cultivation are various types of programmers that allow you to program many functions.

Electronic Timer for your growbox:

Electronic timers provide precision and automation in regulating various devices. With their digital interfaces, they can be set for specific intervals, ensuring tasks are executed at the exact desired moments.

Manual Timer - use and forget

Manual timers are user-friendly tools that require no electricity to operate. With a simple twist, they can be set to manage time-bound tasks, offering a straightforward approach to time management.

Schedule Your day with an Electronic timer: 

Harness the power of technology to bring order to your day. Electronic timers offer precision, allowing you to schedule tasks down to the exact second. From managing garden lights to setting reminders, an electronic timer ensures you never miss a beat.