Carbon filters

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What is an Activated Carbon Filter?

 Activated carbon contained in the filters and a pre-filter absorb a large part of the natural odors formed at the flowering stage of green plants. The carbon filters from our offer are standard equipped with carbon cartridges with guaranteed durability of about 12 months or longer. After this time, the used coal should be refilled. It is worth to clean or replace the pre-filter at the same time. Presented carbon filters are available in many different dimensions and with the different efficiency. The biggest filters deal with filtration above 2500 m3 of air per hour. What is worth emphasizing, the presented filters are characterized by high efficiency, precise execution and the resulting aesthetic external appearance. 

How to properly mount a carbon filter in my grow room?

Carbon filters should be installed in the ventilation system just before or after the fan. Installing it in front of the fan will prevent any unpleasant odors from getting outside the growbox. In order to have a ventilation system that works effectively, you need appropriate ventilation ducts that would connect those elements. The widely avaiable standards are from 100 to 315mm in diameter. It is best to use ducts with the diameter the same as the fan and filter. Howevwer you can also use adapters (special flanges/reducers) that reduce or increase the diameter of the duct. The ducts can be mounted to the filter/fan by regulated metal clamps (also available in our offer).