Storage & calibration liquids

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Storage & Calibration solutions:

Our offer boasts a comprehensive selection of storage and calibration liquids, ensuring the accuracy and longevity of your measurement devices. In our store, you'll find calibration fluids for every pH level, made for all of your metering needs. Whether it's the commonly used pH 4.01, 7.01, or 10.01 solutions, we've got you covered. Ensure your measurements are always accurate with our comprehensive selection.

pH & EC calibration fluids:

Calibration fluid is essential for maintaining the precision of meters. Regular calibration ensures accurate readings, optimizing plant growth conditions.

Storage fluids:

Storage fluid is crucial for preserving the life and performance of pH and EC probes. By keeping electrodes hydrated, it ensures consistent and accurate measurements. 

KCL and HCL solutions for pH meters

Using KCL and HCL solutions for pH meters is crucial for maintaining the longevity and accuracy of your equipment. KCL solutions are essential for keeping pH electrodes hydrated, preventing them from drying out and ensuring consistent measurements. On the other hand, HCL solutions are effective in cleaning and revitalizing clogged or contaminated electrodes. Regular use of these solutions not only enhances the performance of your pH meters but also extends their lifespan, ensuring reliable readings every time.

Top Brands availability:

Our range features products from leading manufacturers like Milwaukee, ADWA, GalaxyFarm, Growth Technology, and Bluelab, ensuring quality and reliability for every grower's needs.

pH Buffer Powder:

pH buffer powders are essential for accurately calibrating pH meters. By dissolving these powders in distilled water, users can create precise standard solutions, ensuring the reliability of their equipment's readings.

Set of Calibration Fluids:

A set of calibration fluids is an indispensable tool for ensuring the accuracy of your meters. By providing a range of reference points, it ensures that your devices remain precise and consistent, optimizing your plant care process.