PK 13/14

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PK 13/14 is a flowering stimulator containing large amounts of phosphorus and potassium necessary in each stage of development, while their demand during flowering is particularly high. Phosphorus is an element used by the plant to obtain energy in the process of photosynthesis, during vegetation (growth) the plant has a constant need for this nutrient, which increases significantly when the plants begin to produce inflorescences. Potassium is responsible for the quality and endurance of the plant, because it is an element thanks to which water and mineral salts are transported, and also takes part in the production of sugars, for which there is a very high demand during the flowering phase, it increases the volume of flowers and their dense structure, and further the term quality and size of the fruit.

Proven effectivity of PK13/14

The agent is so proven that it is on the offer of most professional producers of plant growth nutrients. PK 13/14 is one of the most basic nutrients not only in professional crops, however, they should not be used until the end of the flowering period, because the presence of too much of these elements in flowers and fruit can affect the taste of the final product, PK 13/14 is used from the first appearance of flowers until the last 2-3 weeks of flowering or fruiting (depending on the type of plants we grow).

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