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What is Advanced Nutrients Piranha?

Piranha from Advanced Nutrients is a root booster with beneficial fungi, known as mycorrhizae. These fungi enhance root growth, form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, expanding the root's capability to access water and nutrients from the soil. It's key for growers wanting strong, healthy plants.  By introducing Piranha to your plants, you not only support their growth and vigor but also improve their resistance to stress and diseases.

Root booster

Piranha by Advanced Nutrients stands out as a potent root booster. Specifically formulated to fortify and invigorate root systems, its unique blend ensures that plants establish a robust foundation. By enhancing root growth and function, Piranha equips plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently, setting the stage for healthier and more vigorous growth.

How does Piranha work?

Piranha from Advanced Nutrients helps to nearly double the roots of your plants. It adds a network of helpful fungi to the roots. These fungi improve how plants take in nutrients and also guard them against root problems.

Why would I use Advanced Nutrients Piranha?

Beyond being root booster, Piranha by Advanced Nutrients is in the pH perfect group fertilizers. This means growing plants is easier. When you use it with other pH perfect items, you don't have to check or change pH levels. They set themselves right. Helps keep the root area stable, lowering chances of plant troubles. Ectomycorrhizae make root surfaces bigger, which helps take in more food. Endomycorrhizal fungi go into root covers, bringing food to plants. Makes plants stronger against outside stress.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha feeding schedule:

For using Piranha, mix 2ml with 1 liter of water during the first 2 weeks of growth. The same dose, 2ml per 1 liter, should also be used during the first two weeks of flowering phase.

Piranha, Tarantula and Voodoo Juice combo

The combination of Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients forms a powerful set that supports the plant's root system. Voodoo Juice is a root enhancer that promotes the development of strong roots. As previously mentioned, Piranha provides beneficial fungi that work in symbiosis with the roots. Meanwhile, Tarantula contains a unique blend of bacteria that supports plant health and helps combat pests. Using these three products together allows for the establishment of a robust, healthy root system that can effectively absorb nutrients.