Jiffy propagation pellets - seed germination plugs

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Peat pots:

Comfortable Jiffy peat pots and Garland pots are a biodegradable and easy way to germinate our plants, also making it very easy to transplant them into the ground after they develop a big enough root system. The multitude of sizes is an advantage, and the low price is an additional asset. Peat pot will provide your plants with optimal humidity and temperature. It also helps in rooting of the plant. When transplanting a seedling, do not remove the pot – it will decompose itself in the substrate, fertilizing the soil and providing the plant with additional nutrients.

How to choose peat pots ?:

Choosing peat pots is simple. After determining the size and number of seedlings we intend to prepare, just choose a tray with the appropriate number of pots and the size needed. In our store You will find a large selection of Jiffy peat pots. Peat pots are made of shredded wood fibers, which makes them ecological and biodegradable. The roots of our plant will have no problem breaking through the pot, and we will save time and mess when transplanting seedlings.

Seedling trays:

Our offer includes seedling trays from Eazy Plug® and Root Riot brands. Just insert the seeds inside, which will save us a lot of time, and the refills consisting of nutrients will give the plant a good start in the growth phase. Just place the biodegradable cartridge in the ground, which is a good alternative to plastic pots and mineral wool. The choice of the tray depends on the number of seedlings to be prepared. Due to their simplicity, the sowing trays are also recommended for beginners.