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Canna is one of the most experienced producers of plant fertilizers. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1979 and remains one of the favorite choices of users around the world to date. Canna's wide range of products is divided into:

  • AQUA
  • COCO

CANNA TERRA is a line of nutrients and substrates that has been specially developed for growing fast-growing plants, indoors and outdoors. CANNA TERRA's nutrients are formulated to give excellent cultivation results in any soil. To get the best out of TERRA's nutrients, CANNA has a special range of soils: CANNA Terra Professional, CANNA Terra Professional Plus and CANNA Terra Seed Mix.

CANNA AQUA is a user-friendly product line for amazingly efficient recirculation systems. From these systems, the drainage water does not flow any further, but is reused. One of the greatest benefits of growing in a recirculation system is that it uses less nutrients and water than most other systems. Moreover, the plants are in direct contact with the nutrient solution. The yields are high with CANNA AQUA because of the meticulous control of the nutrient supply during the plant's growth and flowering phase.

CANNA COCO is a line of nutrients and substrates that have been specially developed for growing plants in coconut. CANNA COCO was the first line of products to grow in coconut. Currently, it is the most popular line of products for both professionals and hobbyists.

CANNA HYDRO is a fertilizer intended for the cultivation of fast-growing plants in systems in which water does not return but is drained away. The advantage of such a system is that plants receive fresh nutrients that reach every centimeter. This minimizes the risk of disease. The substrates used in this system are also mostly neutral. Which means they do not take up or supply nutrients to the medium, so you can cultivate with precision. These systems are called open hydroponic or run-to-waste systems. CANNA HYDRO is the nutrient that is most used for these systems.

CANNA's additives are products that are used alongside the main ingredient. The additives ensure the health of the plant and good yields. These can be found in the classic CANNA twin bottles including: RHIZOTONIC, CANNAZYM, CANNABOOST and CANNA PK 13/14. In addition to additives, there are other products that can be added to the main fertilizer. These products improve and correct the nutrient solution. This group includes CANNA Start, CANNA FLUSH, CANNACURE, CANNA pH + and pH-.

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CANNA fertilizers brought to perfection

Research is extremely important to CANNA. This has important consequences for the end user. For this reason, work on a new product is carried out as long as it is needed, on average for two years. During this period, a team of highly trained specialists tirelessly researches all aspects of the new product. They place particular emphasis on these agents, which form the basis of the CANNA range of fertilizers, and it doesn't stop even after they are sold. After 22 years of cultivation experience, as well as through intensive collaboration with other precursors, CANNA has built up a huge database, skills and knowledge. It is precisely in the course of seven years that has led to a series of products of very high quality. No CANNA product was simply placed on the market. Only when the manufacturer is 100% sure that the product will perform at its best is it released to the market.

A certain guarantee of the effectiveness of CANNA fertilizers

Unlike many fertilizer manufacturers on the market, CANNA does not create intrusive advertisements and does not brag about the effectiveness of its products. CANNA fertilizers defend themselves with their effectiveness, ease of use and attractive price. Proven performance and user satisfaction is the best advertisement for CANNA fertilizers.