Secret Jardin

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Secret Jardin company was established in 2006 , since that time they produce grow tents, lightinging and other equipment for growing plants indoor. Secret Jardin is constantly innovating to improve the quality and increase your yield. They regulary update their tents, you can check the "revision" version which we always put in the description. SJ is known of the extra accesories that they offer together with the tent - elastic webs, vents/flanges and useful hangers/clips. They also offer cheaper line of tents which is called " Hydro Shoot".

One of Secret Jardin's most popular products is their grow tents. These tents are made from durable materials that are reflective on the inside to maximize the amount of light that reaches your plants. They also have several vents and openings that allow for proper air circulation and ventilation. Grow tents from Secret Jardin come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for use by both novice and experienced growers.

Another popular product from Secret Jardin is their range of grow room accessories. These accessories include lighting systems, ventilation fans, and carbon filters, which are essential components for creating a successful indoor garden. The company also offers a range of other tools and accessories such as trellis nets, drying racks, and humidity monitors to help growers maintain optimal growing conditions.

Overall, Secret Jardin's products are designed to help growers create a controlled environment that maximizes plant growth and yield. Their high-quality materials and attention to detail make them a popular choice among indoor gardeners around the world.