HPS 250W lighting

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Are you looking for a medium power HPS lamp? Perhaps you will be interested in professional sodium lamps with a power of 250W, brightness of up to 32700 lumens and durability exceeding 32 thousand work hours. The presented models of light bulbs are an excellent solution for home plantations and other crops carried out in partially or fully controlled conditions. HPS 250W discharge lamps are equipped with the E40 thread typical for this type of lighting. HPS 250W lamps offer a universal spectrum of light that works well in every phase of plant development, from the moment of germination to the flowering period. Light output of light bulbs is very high. In addition, you can further increase it by reaching for professional reflectors. Some of them have been equipped with both sockets for sodium lamps and the appropriate power supplies. Of course, we also give you the opportunity to buy a magnetic or electronic power supply that supports 250W HPS bulbs. You can also buy a lampholder of this type from us. The frame is adapted to connect the cooling system.