HPS 150W lighting

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We offer a wide selection of modern sodium lamps designed for professional cultivation of plants under controlled conditions. Among our products you will find 150W HPS lamps with light output up to 17,500 lumens and a lifetime of up to 32,000 light hours. Presented models of HPS sodium lamps are equipped as standard with E40 thread and ultimately are designed to illuminate plants in the flowering phase. Of course, HPS lamps can also be used in other phases of plant development. In addition to the discharge lamps, on the list of our products you will also find compatible reflectors of various sizes, frames and magnetic power supplies for HPS 150W lamps. It is worth mentioning that the reflectors have been standard equipped with holders with an E40 thread, thanks to which all HPS bulbs from our offer match them. A large selection of reflectors and lamps will easily allow you to choose a product that closely matches the size of your plantation, as well as your financial options.