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About ADWA Instruments company: 

Founded in 1998, Adwa Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of instrumentation to measure pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature. Based in Szeged, Hungary with a manufacturing plant in Romania, Europe, Adwa Instruments is dedicated through a worldwide distributor network, to provide top class instrumentation and service.

ADWA pH Meters:

ADWA is renowned for its advanced pH meters, designed to supply to the specific needs of cultivators. Precision and durability are at the core of ADWA's design philosophy. Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional grower, ADWA's pH meters ensure accurate readings, enabling optimal pH management for flourishing plant growth.

ADWA EC Meters:

When it comes to measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) in water, ADWA's EC meters stand out for their precision and reliability. Essential for assessing nutrient concentration in water solutions, these meters are an indispensable tool for growers aiming for balanced nutrient delivery to plants.

Precision of ADWA Instruments:

Accuracy is non-negotiable in cultivation. ADWA's commitment to precision ensures that their instruments provide readings you can trust, making them a favored choice among growers seeking dependable results.