Root Riot - propagation sponge cubes

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Why choose Root Riots seeding & cloning cubes ?

Peat-based cubes have an ideal structure to ensure adequate air and moisture levels and support rapid root development. Root riot can be described as a universal medium for starting seedlings or sowing. They are suitable for propagation as well as for starting plants from seed, both for hydroponic cultivation and in soil. Additionally, they have the optimal ec and pH value, which remains unchanged even after being swollen with water; all thanks to the properties of their material, which reduces the risk of the consequences of making a mistake by the grower. 

What are the Root Riots starter cubes made of?

Root Riots are made of composted organic materials - compressed sphagnum (Sphagnum L.) - a type of peat moss, thanks to which they have a balanced pH and retain the beneficial properties of this natural source material. The key advantage of Root Riot cubes is their ability to retain moisture due to their spongy texture.

How to clone plants with Root Riot ?

Select a suitable plant and cut at a slant below the stem thickening or stem knot (the part of the stem from which the flowers grow). Remove most of the leaves from your extract, leaving only a few. Dip a trimmed piece of the mother plant into Clonex Rooting Gel and then place it gently in the hole on top of the Root Riot cube. Then sprinkle the cuttings with water or Clonex Mist (or Root!T Mist) and place in a ventilated glass jar to maintain proper humidity. Replant the seedling when its roots are visible to the eye.