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BAC fertilizers are one of the best fertilizers available on the market. The wide offer includes organic and mineral products, plant growth stimulants and much more. In 15 years of activity that distinguished the company from many others, BAC fertilizers have gained a solid market position. BAC stands for Biological Activated Cocktail. Ease of use, affordable price and a guarantee of effective operation are just a few of the many advantages of using BAC fertilizers. Some products are so concentrated that you only need to use one drop per 10 liters of water!

Organic BAC fertilizers

The big advantage of using organic BAC fertilizers is that they improve the soil structure. The use of organic fertilizers in combination with BAC stimulators increases the microbial activity in the substrate. Organic substances are broken down and transformed by soil microorganisms into humic acids and amino acids. This process requires oxygen that is taken from the environment. The result is fertile soil with great biodiversity. A good structure, from which the plant can obtain sufficient amounts of nutrients and moisture, provides a beautiful and healthy crop, resistant to diseases and pests.

Mineral BAC fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers, better known as artificial or inorganic fertilizers, are not entirely composed of natural resources. Fertilizers are produced in an industrial (chemical) process. However, all the elements found in fertilizers can also be found in nature. The main advantage of chemical fertilizers is that BAC has developed a number of recipes that are precisely tailored to the needs of the plant. The fertilizer can be selected individually depending on the growing substrate. All the necessary elements are available and the plant does not have to "choose" what it needs. Nutrients from mineral fertilizers almost always work faster than from organic fertilizers. The disadvantage of mineral fertilizers is that they do not contribute to the good condition of soil microbes, as they consist of all kinds of salt. The use of BAC stimulators is therefore highly recommended. If the fertilizer is not applied correctly, salt can build up around the roots of the plant and cause damage.

BAC plant growth stimulants

It is a series of strong, high-quality biological stimulants for plants. These products stimulate the growth of plants, shrubs and trees. They also increase the resistance of plants and are characterized by fast action. They provide the soil with the necessary nutrients, which may be lacking with the use of mineral fertilizers, thus avoiding soil sterilization, accelerating the development of seedlings, seed germination and rooting

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