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Perlite is a quartz mineral of volcanic origin, it is obtained from volcanic aluminosilicates which are ground and sintered at a temperature of around 1000 ° C. Due to such a high temperature, all water and gases evaporate from the material. Thanks to these treatments, perlite gains a porous sponge structure. Usually, the size of the individual perlite granules is approx. 6 mm.

Expanded clay is an extremely universal material. It is obtained by firing natural clay clay in rotary kilns at a temperature of approximately 1150 ° C. This makes the material extremely hard. It is also completely chemically neutral (when used in horticultural substrates, it does not change the pH of the soil), it is not soluble or washed out by water, only slightly soaks up with water. Nowadays, there are very few materials of this kind that would be completely neutral to the environment.

Application of Perlite

Horticultural perlite as an admixture to substrates is especially appreciated for its ability to store and give off water. As a result, the substrate mixed with perlite dries more slowly and the plants have much easier access to water. It is also used as a loosening and aerating material for the substrate. This is very important because thanks to this material, the roots receive more oxygen, which greatly improves the quality of the plants.

Application of Expanded Clay

Expanded clay is a very universal material, giving many possibilities of use in gardening and growing potted plants. It can be used as drainage, loosening or mulch material. At the same time, it is harmless to plants and the environment, and relatively cheap. It is completely resistant to any activity of pests, mold or fungi, which reduces the risk of infection for plants. It is therefore a very durable material which (importantly) does not lose its properties over time. It all adds up to the possibility of its long-term use or the possibility of using the same expanded clay several times for various purposes in gardening.

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