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hydroponics hydro basket pots

Net pots may look similar to plant pots, but they serve a completely different function. The plant is inserted into the basket and roots come out through the holes. They secure the plant without restricting the flow of water and nutrients into the roots. In our offer you will find hydroponics baskets in different sizes, suiting many different plants. With the products on offer you can create your own hydroponics system. DWC buckets are great for setting up a simple system. Other products, like ceramic granules and air pumps will help you construct a complete hydroponics system.

How to use hydroponics baskets?

The baskets fit with our DWC buckets. The net pot is inserted into the hole on top of the bucket lid. The roots of your plant should be submerged in the water. For the whole system to function properly you need to supply your plant with nutrients and aerate the water using an air pump. All of those products can be found on our shop page.Our hydroponics pots can be used for smaller and bigger, industrial projects, so they can be used by all growers.