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Ripen is a complete stimulator / conditioner for late flowering, eliminates the need for additional boosters. It increases the flowering process and the production of active ingredients and eliminates excess nutrients.

Ripen works in three ways:

  • Firstly, it gives the plant a very strong signal that its life is coming to an end; this causes the plant to accelerate the maturation process
  • Secondly, it forces a strengthening of the plant's defenses, and thus to a significant increase in the production of active substances and essential oils
  • Thirdly, it provides all the necessary mineral salts that the plant needs in a form that is easy to assimilate also improving its taste, because of previous accumulation of microelements or nitrates, it helps to metabolize the residual substances

When should You use Ripen?

As a forcing solution Ripen can be used in all circumstances where ripening needs to be increased or controlled, and at the end of each fruiting/blooming cycle of annual fruits and flowers, to maximize yield and flavor intensity.

Advantages of using Ripen

Outdoors Ripen allows crops to be harvested quickly before damage from cold and wet weather. Indoors, it helps to harmonize the end of the growth cycle by accelerating the maturation of the least developed plants or varieties. In the event of a severe insect or fungal infestation, it will allow the natural cycle to accelerate and recover the maximum portion of the crop that would otherwise be lost entirely.

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