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Blumat - automatic irrigation system for houseplants

Blumat is a manufacturer of one of the most effective and advanced irrigation systems that do not require electricity. The manufacturer has  50 years of the company history and is currently a leading manufacturer of irrigation systems for indoor and balcony plants. The brand provides drip systems that can work both when connected directly to the tap and to an external gravity tank . The great advantage of the system is quiet operation and a patented system of earth moisture sensors that allows you to dose water only in the amount that is needed. Blumat products are still manufactured in Telfs, Austria.

How does Blumat Classic and Blumat Easy work?

Blumat Classic is a proven solution for reliable watering of all types of indoor plants. Simple and completely safe to use, at the weekend, on vacation or all year round. The XL version is also suitable for watering balcony plants during the holidays. Thanks to Blumat Classic, indoor plants receive exactly the amount of water they actually need. Regardless of the sunny or shady location. Water is sucked from any container through a thin hose and delivered directly to the plant through a clay cone. The Classic XL with a larger clay cone and greater water release is especially suitable for indoor plants with higher water consumption or as holiday plant care on balconies and terraces. Blumat Easy, in turn, are adapters that draw water from any plastic bottle on the market (0.25-2L). The filled bottle with a clay horn is stuck into the ground, and the porous cone slowly releases 200 ml of water to the plant throughout the day. Use Easy XL with a water release of 300 ml/24h large pots.