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Plagron brand of nutrients is one of the most popular and appreciated fertilizer producers on the market. The company was founded in 1992 and quickly developed a good reputation. It has a very wide range of products divided into 5 categories:

TERRA category was created for cultivation in the soil.. The bio-mineral composition guarantees rapid development and abundant flowering as far as the maximum possible of the plant.
NATURAL is a category for lovers of fully organic products. They can be used in conjunction with other products offered by Plagron. The 100% natural composition supports the growing environment and improves the taste, aroma and overall appearance of the plant.
COCO is a category as friendly to new gardeners as NATURAL. Coconut substrates do not require much attention due to the constant pH level and the high level of water storage in the substrate.
HYDRO category gives us full control over our cultivation. It allows us to adjust all aspects, starting from the pH level and ending with nutritional values.
UNIVERSAL, which has been developed to be used in conjunction with the other 4 categories. Here we find pH regulators, root strengthening agents, plant resistance agents and much more.

You don't need many years of experience to use Plagron fertilizers

Plagron fertilizers are very friendly to new gardeners. Just read the label on which the instructions are placed. Using Plagron products guarantees success, which will result in beautiful, healthy plants with a rich taste and aroma.

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