CO2 Monitors & Generators

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Our category offers tools for enhancing plant growth by optimizing indoor CO2 levels. Through precise measurement and regulation, these products ensure plants thrive, benefiting both hobbyists and commercial growers. Carbon dioxide is an essential component of photosynthesis, and it directly affects plant growth and development.

CO2 Monitors - easy way to measure CO2 level in your indoor / growbox crop

CO2 monitors are essential tools for managing the CO2 levels within your growing environment. These devices provide real-time readings, allowing growers to ensure that plants are exposed to optimal CO2 concentrations. By accurately monitoring and adjusting the CO2 levels, growers can foster an environment that maximizes photosynthesis and, consequently, promotes stronger and faster plant growth.

CO2 Generators for plants

CO2 generators are devices designed to consistently produce and release carbon dioxide into your indoor garden or greenhouse. By artificially increasing the CO2 levels in the grow room, they encourage enhanced plant growth and development. These generators can be especially beneficial for large grow rooms and commercial greenhouses where natural CO2 levels may not be sufficient.


Carbon dioxide marked with CO2 symbol is indispensable for the plants to develop properly. In closed rooms, the demand for plants for carbon dioxide is higher than in natural conditions. Too low CO2 level will make the plant grow very slowly. 

Tablets with CO2

CO2 tablets offer an easy and affordable way to enhance the carbon dioxide levels in smaller scale or home-based growing environments. These tablets, when added to water, release CO2 that the plants can utilize for photosynthesis. This can boost plant growth and yield, making CO2 tablets a convenient and efficient option for improving the health of your garden.

Boost your plants with CO2 bags

Carbon dioxide is an odorless and colorless gas that surrounds us constantly. In the air we breathe, there are about 0.03 - 0.04% of carbon dioxide. Plants that have a fast growth rate in a closed room can use up all available CO2 in just a few hours. When carbon dioxide levels fall below 0.02%, processes of both photosynthesis and growth begin to slow down.
For 35 years, enrichment of crops with carbon dioxide has been practiced in commercial greenhouses. By adding CO2 to the air in the growboks, we favorably influence the growth of the plant. In this way, we also contribute to increasing crop productivity.

CO2 for growing plants indoor / growboxes

In our offer you will find a variety of CO2 products for the usuage with plants. For the smaller projects up to 1,5m2 we recommend SMART CO2 Gemini bags & CO2 Euro boost buddy bags