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Plant breeding requires appropriate, optimal lighting. Thanks to innovative solutions used in LED illuminators by Spectro Light, it is possible to breed plants with the highest quality parameters. This is possible due to the maximum approximation of the Spectro Light LED lighting to the parameters of natural daylight. It allows to achieve parameters for plants from the moment of planting to achieving the full vegetation, which culminates in the establishment and maturation of fruits such as in the case of natural cultivation carried out in the best possible conditions. The structure of plants throughout the growing process - rooting, growth, flowering and fruiting maintains the maximum parameters for a given species comparable with the development in exposure to daylight and optimal remaining conditions, which in natural cultivation is not always possible to achieve. Due to its small size and the relatively small space required by the Spectro Light LED illuminator, it finds its application not only in crops used on a large industrial scale but also on a small scale amateur, for example for home grown vegetables or demanding exotic flowers. Spectro Light products have a 5-year warranty and passed positive tests at leading plant breeding institutes in Poland.