Air Pots

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What are Air-Pot's?

Air-Pot containers are innovative plant pots uniquely designed with a ribbed and perforated surface, allowing enhanced air-pruning of the roots and facilitating superior root structure.

Why is it worth to use Air-Pots?

Utilizing Air-Pot containers offers a myriad of advantages to plants and growers alike. The distinctive design promotes faster growth due to increased oxygenation, prevents root circling, and ensures a more robust and healthier root system, resulting in overall improved plant health and yield.

Air-Pot for Plants:

For gardening enthusiasts looking to optimize plant growth and health, Air-Pot containers serve as an indispensable tool. Suitable for various plant types and growth stages, these pots ensure that your plants have the best environment to thrive in, from seedling to maturity.

Benefits of Using Air-Pot Containers:

The unique design of the pot prevents the roots from blocking. The pots allow the plant's roots to come into contact with air and light. It cuts off the primary roots and underneath them, stronger and more durable roots grow. When the roots are stronger, healthier and larger, the yield is stronger, healthier and larger.
It is very easy to transfer a plant that has grown and developed in a small pot into a larger pot. This is a fairly simple operation that does not threaten the plant and does not require the use of force or effort.
Vents and lumen in the cones allow oxygen to enter and create an airy and high-quality medium. An oxygen-rich substrate is a substrate that exhibits the bacterial activity necessary for plant development. Thanks to the holes, the pots have drainage, so there is no fear of rot caused by water concentration. In air pots, you can grow any type of plant, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, herbs and even trees.
There are many air pots and their shape can be adapted to the plants you want to grow.