Root Pouch grow pots

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What is Root Pouch?

Root Pouch is a family business that turns discarded plastic bottles into a versatile geotextile. Root Pouch fabric pots keep plants healthy by letting excess water drain away and allowing roots to breathe and grow. The best pots available for professional growers.

Unparalleled plant health benefits with Root Pouch

  • Prevents the roots from circulating in the "spiral"
  • Thermal protection provides insulation against winter cold and / or heat
  • It allows the free flow of air and nutrients
  • It reduces the risk of transplant shock
  • It gives higher yields and promotes vigorous root growth

At Root Pouch, we produce both our own fabrics and the containers themselves. All our fabrics are BPA free and UV resistant, made of 100% recycled materials and produced in a safe and clean environment. Root Pouch pots are specially made for professional growers. Each fabric is designed to meet specific needs, perfect for growing in the ground.

Why should I use Root Pouch?

Root Pouch plant pots provide an environment where plants thrive. Their breathable design ensures robust root development, eliminating issues like root circling. By using Root Pouch, you're also making an eco-conscious decision, as they're made from recycled materials.

Best fabric pots available on the market

When it comes to superior quality and performance in fabric pots, Root Pouch stands unparalleled. Made from a blend of recycled materials and natural fibers, these containers offer the perfect environment for robust root growth, efficient water retention, and optimal aeration. Root Pouch's innovative designs cater to a wide range of plants and growing conditions, solidifying its reputation as the premier choice for both novice gardeners and seasoned professionals. With sustainability at its core and exceptional results in the field, Root Pouch is undeniably the best fabric pot option available in today's market.