Sensi Grow

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What is Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B? Base nutrient 

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B offers a potent 2-part formula made for plants in any growing environment. This nutrient is specifically designed for the vegetative stage, ensuring robust plant growth. Sensi Grow also includes pH Formule. 

How does Sensi Grow work?

Sensi Grow from Advanced Nutrients helps plants grow strong and healthy during the early growth stage. It gives plants the right food they need to grow big and strong. When you use Sensi Grow, your plants will have strong stems, green leaves, and good roots. This helps them get ready for the next stage, which is making flowers or fruits. Using Sensi Grow means better plants and more harvest later on.

Why would I use Sensi Grow? Growth fertilizers

You should use Sensi Grow because it's made especially for the early growth of plants. It has all the nutrients your plants need to grow big and strong. When plants get the right food early on, they become healthier and can fight off diseases better. Also, when they get the right start, they can produce more flowers and fruits later. Sensi Grow also comes with the pH Perfect technology, which helps keep the soil's pH level just right. So, using Sensi Grow helps you get more from your plants, saves you time and money in the long run, and makes sure your plants have the right pH balance.

Sensi Grow feeding schedule:

Using Sensi Grow is straightforward when it comes to feeding your plants. In the first week, mix 1ml of Sensi Grow with 1 liter of water. In the second week, increase the dosage to 2ml per liter of water. By the third week, you should be using 3ml for every liter of water, and by the fourth week, it's 4ml per liter. Remember, this dosage applies to both parts of the nutrient solution. This gradual increase ensures your plants get the right amount of nutrients they need during their growth stages.

Sensi Grow NPK ratio:

Sensi Grow by Advanced Nutrients comes in two parts, each with its unique NPK ratio to deliver the right balance of nutrients to plants. For Part A, the NPK ratio is 3-0-0, which means it has a higher concentration of Nitrogen. On the other hand, Part B boasts an NPK ratio of 1-2-6. This composition ensures that apart from Nitrogen, plants also receive an ample amount of Phosphorus and Potassium, vital for their growth and overall health. Using these two parts in tandem allows for a comprehensive feeding solution tailored for optimal plant growth.