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In our store's offer You can find air purifying devices. Air ozonisers are used to generate ozone, which is a gas that occurs naturally in the air. Ozone has disinfecting and antibacterial properties. It also cleanses our air of unwanted odours, making it odourless. Ozonation is a natural method that does not require any chemicals. The device is useful at home, for example in the event of a family member's illness or as air purification for our plants, which reduces the chance of various unwanted microorganisms infecting them. The ozoniser we use should not be located in the growing room, but at its entrance or in the outlet channel.

Ozone generators from the Spanish producer Cornwall Electronics available in our store will ensure a long and comfortable time of use guaranteed by their vast experience gained through many years of producing various types of fans and devices mixing or changing the composition of the air.


Ion, a component of "healthy" air, occurring in higher concentration for e.g. in forests. Air gets ionized by flowing through the ionizer’s chamber, where it is charged with negative charge. It is recommended to use the ionizer near electrical appliances, to reduce the load of positive charge generated by them. Ionized air is good for our health. For example it reduces fatigue or increases concentration. Ionizer will reduce the amount of allergens in the air, dust and pollen. The ionizer also causes dust and other particles in the air to fall. There are no contraindications for staying in a room with an ionizer turned on, which makes it particularly worthy of attention for people suffering from allergies.