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BioTabs is an innovative Dutch research & producer of organic fertilisers and soil conditioners. They have been producing and perfecting organic products for 10 years now. Using Biotabs guarantees richer taste and aroma than before. Biotabs products are available in solid and liquid forms and both have been tried and tested by lots of users around the world. These products are characterized by their effectiveness, ease of use and affordable prices.

Solid Biotabs fertilizers:

Products in solid form from Biotabs come in many forms and have different uses. For example You can find CO2 tablets which slowly release all organic nutrients and bacteria which they are made of, enriching the soil and making it easier for plants to absorb fertilizers. If Your soil lacks microlife You should use BACTREX which is going to bring it back also improving Your soil’s structure and fertility. At the same time these helpful bacteria boost the development of Your plant’s rooting system. Apart from helpful bacteria there are many types of fungi that can do your soil and plants a great favour. Powdered products shouldn’t be a problem to anybody considering their experience in gardening or its complete lack. The CO2 tabs are even easier to use. All You need to do is put it about 5-10cm into the ground and just water it.

Liquid Biotabs fertilizers:

Biotabs fertilizers in liquid form work best in pairs with tablets or powdered fertilizers from Biotabs. They work best during the plant's blooming phase, enhancing the process. Plants treated with liquid Biotabs fertilizers are bigger, stronger, they taste better and have a great aroma. Biotabs Boom Spray is a great multifunctional fertilizer. It works in three ways: protection, nutrition and stimulation. It can be used during a plant's entire life cycle.

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