Iguana Juice

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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice - organic fertilizer

Iguana Juice is an organic fertilizer that is designed to help plants grow big and strong. It is made from a blend of natural ingredients, including fish, kelp, and humic acid. Iguana Juice can be used in both soil and hydroponics. It is a water-soluble fertilizer, so it is easy to use. Iguana Juice is OIM (Organic Input Material) certified.

Iguana Juice Grow - ecological fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow is an organic nutrient solution tailored for the vegetative phase. Infused with fish base and sea kelp, it delivers essential nutrients for robust, green growth, setting the stage for a thriving bloom phase.

Iguana Juice Bloom - eco-green fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom is an organic-based formula crafted for the flowering stage. Rich in natural ingredients, it ensures plants receive the optimal nutrients for vibrant blooms, leading to healthier yields and flavorful produce.

Iguana Juice Grow&Bloom NPK ratio:

Iguana Juice from Advanced Nutrients boasts distinct NPK ratios tailored to specific growth phases. For the vegetative stage, Iguana Juice Grow offers an NPK of 3-1-3, providing an optimal balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to ensure vigorous and lush growth. Transitioning to the flowering phase, Iguana Juice Bloom steps in with an NPK of 4-3-6. This formulation caters to blooming plants' unique needs, guaranteeing vibrant blooms and robust yields. These specific ratios demonstrate Advanced Nutrients' dedication to delivering precise nutrition for every stage of plant growth."

Iguana Juice is OIM certified

The Organic Input Material (OIM) certification held by Iguana Juice signifies its adherence to stringent organic standards, ensuring that it's truly organic from production to formulation. This esteemed certification, recognized and respected by organic growers, confirms that Iguana Juice is crafted without any synthetic ingredients and is in alignment with organic agricultural principles. For gardeners and cultivators, the OIM label on Iguana Juice offers an assurance of quality, purity, and a commitment to environmentally-friendly farming practices.