Nirvana/Tasty Terpens

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What is Advanced Nutrients Nirvana? Organic bloom booster

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients is a unique organic bloom booster meticulously designed to enhance plant growth, yield, and overall quality. Made from an exquisite blend of organic ingredients, Nirvana supports plants during the flowering phase, promoting larger blooms, richer flavors, and increased essential oil production. Beyond just boosting flower development, Nirvana also provides a range of natural nutrients that bolster plant health and resilience, ensuring a harmonious growth environment. By integrating Nirvana into their nutrient regimen, cultivators can expect a more bountiful and aromatic harvest, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking to maximize the potential of their plants. Nirvana can be used in both soil and hydroponics, and it is safe for both organic and non-organic growers.

Why would I use Advanced Nutrients Nirvana?

Fully organic in composition, Advanced Nutrients Nirvana boasts the inclusion of Ascophyllum nodosum. This distinctive element bolsters root vitality, encourages cellular growth, and invigorates the flowering process. Furthermore, a blend of bat guano and whey protein aids in optimizing bloom. However, its remarkable feature is the yeast component enriched with 22 foundational amino acids, pivotal for plant development. Additionally, with a rich presence of B vitamins, it offers immense benefits during stages like cloning, nurturing seedlings, transplanting, and looking after mother plants.

How does AN Nirvana work?

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana is made for all water-based growing setups, including ones using coco coir. It works well with systems like dripping water, deep water, and others. It doesn't block water paths or leave messy residue. Plus, Nirvana doesn't have a strong smell and lasts a long time before it goes bad.

Nirvana changes name to Tasty Terpens

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana is now called 'Tasty Terpens'. But even with the new name, it's still the same product. It works just like it always did, giving the same good results.

Nirvana boost terpene production in plants:

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients helps boost terpenes in plants. Terpenes give plants their unique smell and flavor. By using Nirvana, you can make your plants smell and taste even better. This is great for growers who want the best aroma and taste from their crops.

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana NPK ratio:

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients has an NPK ratio of 0-0-1. This indicates that while it doesn't contain nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P), it is rich in potassium (K). Potassium plays a crucial role in several plant processes, including regulating water uptake, enzyme activation, and photosynthesis. With this specific ratio, Nirvana ensures that your plants get an additional boost of potassium, supporting their overall health and promoting better yields.

AN Nirvana feeding schedule:

When it comes to dosing Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients, the guideline is to add 2ml for every 1 liter of water. This specific dosage should be consistently followed from the 3rd week up to the 7th week of the flowering phase. Adhering to this dosing schedule ensures that your plants receive the optimal benefits during this critical growth stage.