Big Bud Coco

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What is Big Bud Coco? Bloom stimulator

Big Bud Coco is a food for plants grown in coco coir. Recognizing the unique properties and challenges of coco coir, this formula ensures that plants grown in coco receive optimal nutrition during their flowering phase. It helps plants make bigger and more aroma flowers. Use it when plants are making buds.

How does Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco work?

Big Bud Coco is designed for plants grown in coco coir. It provides the essential nutrients that help produce larger and healthier flowers. When plants receive Big Bud Coco, they can maximize their flowering potential.

Why should I use Big Bud Coco?

Using Big Bud Coco offers several advantages for growers. Specifically designed for coco coir mediums, it ensures that plants get the right nutrients for optimal flowering. By supplying targeted ingredients, it promotes bigger and denser flowers, resulting in a more substantial yield. Growers can expect enhanced aroma, flavor, and potency in their harvest. In essence, Big Bud Coco can make the difference between an average and an outstanding crop.

Big Bud COCO feeding schedule:

Big Bud Coco should be dosed at a rate of 2 ml per 1 liter of water. It's crucial to start the application from the second week of the flowering phase and continue until the fifth week. This precise dosing schedule is designed to meet the specific nutrient requirements of plants during their vital flowering stage, ensuring that they get the optimal nutrient boost for maximum bloom and yield when grown in coco coir.

Big Bud Coco NPK ratio:

Big Bud Coco has an NPK ratio of 0-0-4. This means it doesn't contain nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P), but it is rich in potassium (K). Potassium plays a key role during the flowering phase, aiding in several vital functions like photosynthesis, protein synthesis, and the overall energy processes of plants. With its potassium-focused formula, Big Bud Coco ensures that plants grown in coco coir mediums receive the right nutrient support for robust flowering and fruiting.