Air stones

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Aeration stone

What is the aeration stone?

An air stone is a device made out of a porous material which agitates water with tiny bubbles of air, supplying it with oxygen. They are used in hydroponics and also in aquariums, where they serve the same purpose of oxygenating water. Without agitation the water would simply stay still, losing oxygen. In a hydroponics system it is crucial to keep the water aerated, as plants need to be supplied with oxygen, otherwise they will rot in the water. Not only does an airstone oxygenate your water, but it also mixes in the fertilizer and distributes it evenly throughout. 

How to use the air stones for plants?

You need to connect the air stone to an air pump and submerge it in your tank. The air will be pushed through the pores of the stone, producing tiny bubbles, which will agitate the water. Simple as that.