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Calcium in the soil accelerates the formation of humus, in the plant it affects, among others on the activity of enzymes. Calcium deficiency causes weakening of the root system, curling of the tops and edges as well as cracking and various fruit diseases (gangrene spots, dry rot)

Magnesium is the main building block of chlorophyll, so it is important in the photosynthesis process, it has a significant impact on the synthesis, transport and storage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats,
stimulates the development of the root system and activates the processes responsible for the uptake of minerals. Magnesium
significantly affects the water balance in the plant and is involved in the formation of the cell wall.

The Ca / Mg deficiencies are common because in today's world we cannot rely on tap water to ensure the correct concentration of minerals. In store you will find mineral and organic calmag's. For example Biobizz Calmag offers a 100% organic and certified Ca / Mg deficiency solution. This product incorporates the best of our 100% natural ingredients and presents them in a formula that will not alter your preferred feeding regimen.
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