Alien EasyFeed

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What is the Alien EasyFeed System?

The Alien EasyFeed is an automatic gravity-fed watering system. It is made up of fabric pots, which are constantly supplied with a small amount of water, which means they will never run out. It saves you the hassle of having to water your crops, giving you more freedom without sacrificing the good of your plants. Gravity-fed means it does not require any power to function, which lets you save money and produce less pollution. The EasyFeed water timer lets you pick a schedule for watering your plants, giving you the control of the development of your crops.

What are the advantages of using the Alien automatic watering system?

Alien EasyFeed is eco-friendly, economical and self-sufficient. You will save money on power and gain the time you would normally spend watering without sacrificing the well-being of your plants. With the timer you also gain a lot of control over the watering of your crops.