Bubble bags

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Benefits of Extraction Bags:

Using extraction bags maximizes yield by effectively separating plant material from the valuable compounds. It ensures a pure, high-quality extract without contaminants.

How to use Bubble Bags?

To use bubble bags, begin by layering them inside a bucket from smallest to largest mesh size. Fill with ice, add your plant material, and stir to agitate. After allowing the mix to settle, lift out each bag one by one, letting the water drain and collecting the herbal extracts from each mesh layer. Ensure to rinse between uses for consistent, pure results.

Bubble Bags:

A popular choice for herbal extractions, bubble bags use a series of mesh screen layers to segregate and collect resin glands from plant material, ensuring a pristine outcome.

Our Bubble Bags offer:

Catering to various needs, our selection of bubble bags starts with compact 5-liter sizes, extends through intermediate 20-liter variants, and goes up to large-scale 80-liter options, ensuring flexibility for both small and large-scale extractions.