Seeding soil and others

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Seeding Soil and Other Products for Cloning and Rooting

Welcome to our specialized category dedicated to fostering the early growth and development of plants. Whether you're just starting with seeds or delving into the world of plant propagation through cloning and rooting, this is your one-stop-shop for all necessary resources.

Rooting Gels

Our selection of rooting gels helps to encourage rapid root development, ensuring your cuttings establish quickly and effectively. These specially formulated gels provide the nutrients and hormones necessary for promoting robust root growth, crucial for successful plant propagation.

Organic Cubes for Seeds and Cuttings

Our organic cubes offer the perfect growing medium for both seeds and cuttings. Made from organic materials, these cubes provide an ideal environment for growth, ensuring your seeds germinate and your cuttings root successfully, while promoting healthy plant development.

Rooting Trays with Organic Inserts

Our collection includes rooting trays equipped with organic inserts. These trays provide an organized and efficient system for cloning and rooting, with the organic inserts ensuring an optimal environment for root development. The combination guarantees your new plants have the best start possible. They're also great choice for beginning growers.