HPS & MH lighting

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Ensuring proper lighting is essential if you dream of creating a home or garage green plant. In places with no access to natural sunlight, HPS lighting is one of the best solutions for effective plant growing. The sodium lamps emit a characteristic orange light, which is an excellent equivalent to natural sunlight. The HPS lamp, due to the wavelength of the emitted light, perfectly copes with the role of a lamp illuminating many types of plant crops. In domestic crops, this type of lamp is one of the best sources of artificial light. HPS lamp used at the stage of plant growth or flowering, positively affects the efficiency of its natural development process, accelerates it and improves its quality. In the store's offer you will find HPS lamps of various power and size, reflectors for HPS bulbs, electronic power supplies and other equipment useful in the construction of an efficient lighting system for the needs of home grown green plants of any kind.