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Atami was founded in 1997 in the Netherlands. In the beginning, the offer included special products for indoor and outdoor cultivation, which made Atami one of the most popular producers on the market. Following this success, the company also began offering fertilizers and growth stimulators. The new products, as well as the old ones, quickly gained the opinion of being effective at an affordable price, which are ideal for both wholesale crops and people who grow plants in their own garden.

The multifunctionality of Atami fertilizers

Atami fertilizers can be used for indoor, outdoor, hydroponic and coconut cultivation, which gives a lot of options for each user. Thanks to the large selection of Atami products, everyone can choose the products that are ideal for the plants they grow.

What are Atami fertilizers made of?

At the beginning, Atami fertilizers were made only from mineral ingredients, but after some time, to the delight of users, the "Ata Organic" series was created, now known as Ata NRG. The name has been changed in order not to mislead people using only organic products, as Ata Organic products were not 100% organic (some 70% organic, some 90% organic).

Why choose Atami fertilizers?

Atami fertilizers have been on the market for years and are loved by many users around the world. Thanks to the experience of the manufacturer, the products are easy to use and at affordable prices for anyone who has been gardening for years or for those who have just started or are thinking about getting started. Before a product is available on the market, it must undergo rigorous tests and, above all, the company itself must be satisfied with its performance. The average time it takes for Atami to deliver new fertilizers is around 5 years. The relationship with the users of their products is very important, which is why new products are often created as a result of their needs.

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