Connoisseur Bloom

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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A&B - flowering fertilizer 

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A&B is a premium 2-part nutrient system that is designed to help experienced growers push their plants to their limits and achieve the maximum crop yield and highest quality harvests. Up to 40% bigger yields. 

Why would I use Connoisseur Bloom A&B?

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A&B is enriched with humic and fulvic acids to optimize nutrient uptake and distribution within plants. It also packs a comprehensive array of amino acids, serving as the foundation for protein synthesis, boosting growth, and stimulating hormone and essential oil production.

How does Connoisseur Bloom work? pH Perfect technology

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A&B incorporates a wetting agent that diminishes the surface tension of your feed water, facilitating smoother nutrient uptake. It's also equipped with Advanced Nutrients' efficient pH Perfect technology, autonomously maintaining an optimal pH balance.

Connoisseur Bloom is premium, dedicated for experienced growers fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom is a top-quality fertilizer made for plants. It gives plants everything they need to grow big and healthy. This fertilizer has the best ingredients and is made with care. It's great for gardeners who want the best for their plants. Using Connoisseur Bloom means your plants get the best food and will look amazing."

Connoisseur Bloom part A&B NPK ratio:

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom comes in two parts for the best plant growth. Part A has a nutrient ratio of 3-0-0. This means it has a good amount of nitrogen, which helps plants grow strong and green. Part B has a ratio of 2-4-10. This mix gives plants the phosphorus they need for flowers and fruits and also potassium, which is good for the overall health of the plant. Together, these parts make sure plants get all the important food they need.

Connoisseur Bloom feeding schedule

The dosing plan for Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom is carefully structured to meet the needs of plants throughout their growth. Starting in the first week, the recommended dose is 1 ml per 1 liter of water. This amount gradually increases, reaching 4 ml per liter by the fourth week. From then on, throughout the flowering phase, maintain a consistent dosage of 4 ml per liter of water. This should be continued up until one week before harvest, ensuring plants receive optimal nutrition throughout their lifecycle. It's important to note that the fertilizers should be used separately, not mixed together, to ensure proper nutrient absorption and plant health.