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What are NPK and pH testers used for?

pH and NPK test kits are vital for assessing soil health and plant nutrition. pH kits measure soil acidity or alkalinity, while NPK kits analyze levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These tools help in tailoring fertilization to plants' specific needs, promoting growth and maximizing yields.

NPK soil testing kit:

NPK test kits focus on analyzing the three primary nutrients vital for plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. By evaluating these nutrients, growers can apply the right fertilizers in the correct amounts, fostering healthy growth and preventing wasteful over-fertilization.

pH test kit:

A pH test kit is an indispensable tool for any grower, allowing quick and accurate determination of the soil or water's acidity or alkalinity. Understanding the pH level is vital for creating the right environment for plants, as it affects nutrient absorption.

The issue of maintaining an adequate level of acidity and electrolytic conductivity of the substrate in indoor crops is a key requirement for the proper development of plants. Both too high and too low pH and EC levels of the substrate block the absorption of nutrients through plant roots. In order to control the level of electrolytic conductivity and acidity of the soil of our crops, it is necessary to periodically carry out its examination, using appropriate measures. In order for the results of such a study to be reliable, the meters should first be properly prepared by washing the electrode. In exceptional cases, the meter should be calibrated in a dedicated calibration fluid. KCl fluid is also used to store pH electrodes. The Growtent store offer includes a wide range of calibration fluids for EC and pH meters. We also sell disposable, droplet pH testers. Our offer is complemented by replaceable electrodes for meters.

pH Test Strips:

PH test strips offer a simple yet effective way to measure pH levels. These strips are dipped into the solution, and their color change corresponds to different pH values. They provide an accessible means for regular pH monitoring, especially useful for those who need rapid results.