Reverse osmosis filter

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Why it is worth to use reverse osmosis filter?

Reverse osmosis is a process in which water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane as a way of purifying it. Using an RO filter removes most of the minerals and impurities, producing chemically clean water. Its biggest advantage is control. Removing whatever minerals are in your tap water lets you adjust the nutrients your plants receive. You don’t need to adjust your fertilizers to the water being used. It also removes chlorine present in most tap water, which can damage roots. 

How to use a reverse osmosis filter for plants?

Reverse osmosis filters are very easy to use. Simply connect it to a water source and set up two vessels, one for your clean RO water, the other for waste. The waste, or rejection water, has a higher concentration of salt than normal tap water, but it can still be used for tasks like cleaning and watering trees or plants which don’t require a low electrical conductivity (EC). After filtration use the RO water as you would any other type of water. The purified RO water is particularly useful in hydroponics, but can be used in other types of setups.